Our goal at FinS is to be involved in helping to change life for the better for the LGBT community of Hong Kong. We achieve this not alone but by joining with many other groups and organizations in combining forces, intellect, experience, knowledge, and that basic instinct of wanting the same rights as everyone else, not to be treated differently but to be able to enjoy basic human rights. Over the years FinS has collaborated with various organizations to map out or create a specific program, a study or simply fight a cause. Below is some of our work and or donations to the community.  

July – Future 2011 - Anti-Discrimination Campaign

- The Anti-Discrimination Campaign is the result and a response to members of the Hong Kong LGBT community being discriminated against. TCJM/Pink Alliance and FinS were approached for help.  

2010-2011 Semester Season – Mentor Protégé Program/ HKU

- Mentor Protege Program 2010-2011. - Collaboration between Queer Straight Alliance at the University of Hong Kong and FinS- Fruits in Suits, HK. - The first year we saw 23 pairings. Professional FinS members paired with QSA- UHK students. Michael Lam (2010-11 President and founder of QSA), came to FinS with the program idea, we jumped at the opportunity as our members are professionals in a vast array of fields and perfect for 'Entrusting in Our Future', the program's motto. - Goldman Sachs offered the training sessions and the office for the first meeting. Thank you to Goldman Sachs and their staff, specifically Stephen Golden. - For information on joining the 2012 - 2013 Semester Season, please contact us at eric@fruistinsuits.com.hk.  

Dec 2010 - HUMAN RIGHTS DAY, Causeway Bay, HK

FinS for the second year had a booth at the annual International Human Rights Day Carnival.  


- Collaboration between Leo Burnett Limited and FinS - Fruits in Suits, HK  

Dec '09 - HUMAN RIGHTS DAY, Causeway Bay, HK

Les Peches and FinS shared a booth at the annual International Human Rights Day Carnival, which took place in Causeway Bay. Our theme, 'When did you know you were STRAIGHT? FIGHT DISCRIMINATION!" 6 December 2009  

Dec '09 - Creating Inclusive Workplaces for LGBT Employees

A Resource Guide for Employers in Hong Kong Follow the great work of Community Business in Diversity and Inclusion : FinS was one of 8 case studies that made the guide.